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Creative Career Consulting

Get inspired to create a business and use your passions in bigger ways. Kali can help you understand your gifts, talents, and guide you in creating and marketing yourself. She can help you make your dreams come true, and grant you confidence in how.

Yoga & Wellness

Feel good and take your health and wellness to new levels! Kali loves coaching people with mindful techniques, and helping others improve their digestion, emotional wellbeing, and can help you create positive shifts. Feel more attractive, loving, and happy in yourself.


Let Kali Photograph you, for epic beautiful shots! Kali’s passion for photography and art has led her on many travels, adventures, and photo jobs. She loves capturing moments, and memories. She shoots portraits, food, marketing photos, sports, yogis, events, and more.

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Kali is a revolutionary Yoga teacher, and transformation coach passionately teaching people how to feel good daily and be happy, through mindful living. She specializes in helping people overcome digestive issues, through cleansing, emotional healing and self healing techniques. By fusing Yoga and Ayurvedic principles, she can guide you in living a life of purpose, with passion. Become the best and most authentic version of yourself, and live well in your happy, joyous, blissful, true nature. Kali can help you transform, feel good, and help you become a radiant, beautiful, loving, confident, Goddess!

Kali is a wellness expert, helping people feel more confident in themselves, and their bodies. She can inspire you to connect with your soulful purpose, and help you use your passion to create the life you desire. Are you wanting to live better than previous generations, and overcome your family gene pool, and past history? Kali can help you transform, and step out of suffering, worry, or fear, and help empower you to live your dreams.

Transform & Become the Best Version of You.

Kali is a creative energy artist who is passionate about wellness, and helping people feel good in their body and life. She can empower you to feel great in who you are! Through her own life experience, Kali has learned many tools to help improve digestion, weight loss, and mindful techniques to self heal, and live happier. She uses her wellness tricks, and life experience, to add more joy to your mind, body, and life. She can help you shine, and tap into your natural blissful happy state.

Feel Beautiful & Blissful with Self Love & Self Care

Life is too short, to not love the one you got! Tap into your purpose, and use your passion and joy to create your own happily ever after! Join one of Kali’s Meditation challenges, or Wellness Programs. Kali’s unique Yoga Star Charts can help you tap into your purpose, and help you own your authentic power. Let Kali guide you in living a more satisfying lifestyle through self awareness, self love, and radical self care.

Learn how to Improve your Health  & Get your Belly & Body in Shape Easily!

Kali is a creative artist that dabbles in photography, writing, and enjoys thinking up new ways to improve humanity, and the future generations. After years of teaching yoga, coaching wellness programs, and studying Ayurveda and self healing techniques, Kali loves sharing all she’s learned! As a humanitarian, and ocean lover, Kali believes in sustainability and implementing better choices to help our world get better. Ruled by kindness, and built with a fearless open heart, Kali can show you your way to bliss and how to easily live the life you’ve always imagined.

Create Peace & Harmony in your Mind, Body, & Heart.

With some Yoga, peace of mind, breath, and balance, you can overcome habits and hurdles that may keep you from living happily. Your dharma is your destiny, let Kali help you discover your passions, and help you transform, and become the best, most authentic, version of you! Shine brighter in the world through health, happiness, and your true blissful nature!

Your Health and Happiness is Your Power.

You Deserve to Feel Good, Beautiful, & Confident in Yourself.

Tap into your Bliss, & Joyful, Loving Nature!

Live Inspired. Feel Beautiful. Love Life.

Kali Bliss has a vision to unite the world with yoga, through kindness and love. With her own unique creativity, sparkles, rainbows, some fantasy, and flare, Kali believes in living connected to the natural stream of magic found within us all. She is a Wellness Leader creating a new Revolution of Love for the new generation. She cares about sustainability, improving the planet, and helping kids live happy and healthy through mindfulness, yoga, and wellness education. She can help you transform to become the best version of you, and help you in letting go of limitations and improve your mind, body, & heart.

Mission: To inspire the world and make it a better, kinder, more sustainable, and MAGICAL peaceful place!

Is it possible? She believes so.

Your life is your masterpiece, make it ooommmmazzzzzing!!

Inspiring Blissful Vibes and Sparkles to Help Humanity Believe in Magic once more!

Helping Others Improve their Health, Digestion, Happiness, & Wellbeing.

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Peace in my Mind

Love in my Soul

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Your Life is a Journey,


and use your Passion to make it a Happy Ride!